Xpress will roll out the Execute XM1S 4WD M car

Xpress plans to launch the Execute XM1S 4WD m-class (1/10 ev M vehicle) in September 2018. This belt-driven new car is similar to the XQ1S 1/10 battery house of the same factory, with a short body lithium battery and full support for brushless power. Xpress will continue to bring its products to market with high cost performance.


Tamiya Mercedes-benz 190E “Debis” Evo.Ii Team Zakspeed

Tamiya tanaka model launches LCG tt-01 E 1/10 electric trailer equipped with mercedes-benz 190E “Debis” Evo Ii Team Zakspeed shell. The highly detailed finish of the mercedes-benz classic 190E exterior includes a rearview mirror, tail fin, chrome-plated assembly, and trident star beacon all copied to the hull. The floral finish of Team Zakspeed 20 from the 1991 DTM race, which was also driven by Michael Schumacher, is very memorable. Product no. 58656.



Arrma Notorious 6S 18 bigfoot remote control car

Arrma’s new Notorious 6S BLX 1/8 electric bigfoot remote control car. Supports 6S lithium battery power, with a four-pole BLX 2050kV brushless motor and 150A VLX185 electronic transmission, allowing the bigfoot to lift its head and flip easily! With a sturdy 3mm-thick aluminium floor, all-metal gear three-differential transmission system, steel drive shaft, 15kg torque steering gear, high-gripping dBoots back-flip tires, long stroke suspension and strong suspension rocker arm plus a large capacity aluminium shock absorber, the bigfoot is sturdy and durable, irrespective of any terrain.

Tamiya Ferrari 312T3+F104W remote control vehicle

Tamiya tanaka model will launch the 1/10 formula 1 remote control car with Ferrari 312T3 shell and F104W frame in September 2018. This classic ferrari F1 last appeared in the Tamiya product line in 1991, this time the new introduction USES the PC+ABS hard shell, provides 11 and 12 cars for the player to choose. Dummy parts such as the metal trim wheel and tail, the wider a-arm, and the helmet driver are included in the product, and Tamiya will guarantee the supply of car shell parts. Product no. 47374.

Dash AI LCG racing grade electronic transmission

At the beginning of this year, the Dash(under the brand of Arrowmax) launched a new racing class 1/10 brushless electronic transmission, the Dash AI Pro, with a built-in 32-bit MCU controller, giving this power switch the potential of development and more functions, and making the power switch develop towards an intelligent direction. Yesterday, the Dash launched AI LCG(low gravity) racing grade electronic transmission, which is both low gravity and lighter. Target the hot stock market, including flash and open stock events; Built – in cross – country mode, using climbing features of the software. In the future, Arrowmax will include the electronic transmission as a race control switch with a pre-programmed TLAB.

HPI Racing 1968 Chevy Camaro hull

HPI Racing introduced a new 1968 Chevrolet Camaro chassis. This is a multi-chip design car shell, suitable for 200mm house car, with a width of 210mm tail and a wheelbase of 255mm. The HPI recommends that players using the car’s hull pair with the first 26mm and the second 31mm classic wheel rings. If it is 190mm rv frame, 6mm offset can be added to match the car shell width. Product number: 118010.

Key Fulcrum Key Fulcrum Key Fulcrum climbing waterproof steering gear evaluation

This is the first time to evaluate the steering gear product. If there is any defect or deficiency, we welcome your comments and discussion. In the opening article, I have been in contact with the Key Fulcrum manufacturer for a long time, but I did not know the official name of Key Fulcrum at the early stage, for which I will explain in detail below. At the beginning of the text, we got the official retail version of Key Fulcrum. Overall packaging simple style, no grandiose advertising, no ornate rhetoric, reflects a calm style, the specification model is K5861

Traxxas introduces the original waterproof LED lamp set kit of UDR factory

Traxxas introduces the original waterproof LED lamp set kit of UDR factory, including 204 high-voltage LED beads. The voltage amplifier of the original factory (product no. #6590) can provide extremely stable voltage output, eliminate flicker and dimming caused by battery voltage reduction, and intelligent central control voltage amplifier can reduce the loss of current and heat, and upgrade firmware.

The kit includes 52 bumper leds, 52 roof leds, 24 red and 24 amber brake lights, 8-channel voltage amplifiers, original plant connection lines, waterproof design, two light intensities, Traxxas Link app mobile software and Wifi module (6511) for lighting control. This shows that Traxxas is very thoughtful about upgrades.

Protoform Ford GT USGT chassis

Protoform has launched the Ford GT car case, 190mm wide, which is suitable for most electric trailers and perfectly supports the USGT race. Ford’s original factory was licensed to build the real car, which won the GTE Pro group title in the 2016 le mans 24-hour endurance race, and Protoform restored the classic, beautiful car to the remote control car shell. The new lightweight materials are used to further reduce the center of gravity and strengthen the material at the position of easy collision. Transparent unpainted design with sticker, tail and window cover. Dimensions: length 438mm, 192.5mm, 99mm, wheelbase 258mm. Product number 1550-25.

Static point model JDMODELS launched a green paint excavator

The jdm-106 V2 remote-controlled hydraulic excavator of the static point model JDMODELS launched a painted green exterior style to meet the needs of players with personalized color. The body is made of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, the driving part is made of 45 steel, the hydraulic valve of hydraulic pump is chromium steel, and the hydraulic cylinder is made of stainless steel and brass. Net weight: 53.5 jin, length * width * height: 827*246*260mm. This RC remote-controlled excavator has a posture and reality, with a maximum rising force of 15kg and a theoretical maximum lifting force of up to 60kg!