Yokomo Zero drift brushless servo

Yokomo Launches its first brushless servo specially designed for remote control car drifting.  This servo is designed with aluminum case, brushless motor and titanium gears, which gives extra torque power and advanced performance for drifting.  Its Ultra-Low body design is perfect for RWD drift cars, perfect for Yokomo Steering Gyroscope With. Product number SP-BLLHD, listed at the end of September.



Voltage: 6.0-7.4V

Speed: 0.07 sec / 60 deggree (6.0 V), 0.06 sec / 60 deggree (7.4 V)

Torque: 12.6 kg / cm (6.0 V), 15.0 kg / cm (7.4 V)

Size: 41 x 20 x 25.3 mm

Weight: 52.0g