Team Associated SC28 and MT28 handheld remote control car

The Team Associated(AE) launches a 1/28 mini remote-controlled vehicle, SC28 Fox Edition short card and MT28 RTR. Palm-sized remote control car, equipped with the integration of electronic transmission and receiver, the proportion of remote control, with 2.4 G gun type remote control charging function, frame the built-in rechargeable battery, the factory spraying complete car shell are also included in the product.

Traction Hobby (China) free upgrade announcement in November

Traction Hobby Cragsman (second) 1/8 full performance climbing vehicle first batch of free upgrade accessories as follows

  1. whole metal row lamp with LEDs
  2. Metal gear: 20T/25T

Free upgrade time: 2017-11-20

Domestic users can get the free upgrade. You only need to find the merchants to register your receipt address, and the freight will be borne by the company.

Capo new car JKMAX is in Hong Kong G6

Capo recently provided two new car trailers to RC car fans. Capo’s new car, JKMAX (CD15827), debuted today at the RECON G6 climbing car in Hong Kong, and Capo launched ACE1 in the event at last year. From the photos on the scene, Capo JKMAX is a simulation of climbing remote-control vehicle with JEEP appearance, metal cage structure, metal car bridge, and chassis parts of a carbon fiber material. I believe this is a 1/10 simulation performance climb, and climbing performance is likely to be the focus of new car. Capo will announce details of the new car few days later.

Day 2 (2WD) group preliminary contest 1/2/3

According to the competition process, today is the second day after 2 wd drive group, and it should have a round of preliminary contest and four rounds of finals.

However, it was affected by the light rain in the last night and in the morning. At present, the track is closed. It has been covered with a waterproof canvas, and the final round of preliminary contest is cancelled, and the road will go straight into the final competition after the road is restored.