Reedy S – Plus launch a brushless motor at competition level

Reedy introduced a new s-plus competition class brushless motor (540) after months of research and development . The biggest characteristic of this kind of motor is shortened the length of the coil, sharply reduced the internal resistance, and also reduced weight at the same time. It reduced 30 grams in total weight, adding the CNC lightweight enclosure. It means that the frame of center of gravity will be further reduced, manipulation and chassis twist are promoted. The R.O.A.R. match requirements can be adjusted to provide 21.5, 17.5 and 13.5T for player/driver selection.

Yokomo YD – 2 sx RWD drift remote control car

Yokomo introduces the yd-2sx RWD 1/10 post-drive of remote-control vehicle, which is a fully upgraded product, including a large number of original factory upgrades and carbon fiber substrates, and using high gear set. YD-2SW will be a competitive model for yd-2 series. The gear seat comes with seven different Settings to allow the player/driver to find a more accurate weight balance setting. The former suspension USES the gasket to adjust, the newly designed aluminum steering track, can set up various kinds of Ackerman Angle.With different control styles, the adaptability of the site has also been greatly improved. Product number DP- YD2SX, listed at the end of December.

SURPASS HOBBY launched 550 power suit climbing car

SURPASS HOBBY launched a “climbing car”  with 550 motor and the 60 brushed set. The motor has been upgraded to a hot TRX- 4, TRACTION Hobby wrangler climbing car, and increases 2 M3 motor mounting holes for players to disassemble. The motor has unique cooling blades, which can reduce the working temperature more effectively. High quality imported lubricating bearing and magnetic field low speed torque and filter interference collocation, the low-speed linear performance is better. SURPASS HOBBY launched two versions at the same time, silver high torque low speed linear version version and black color version. Maximum torque at 950g. Block torque 1850g. Current 50A; 7.4V no-load current 1.4 A, speed of 12780RPM.

Spektrum iX12 12 channel DSMX remote control

The Spektrum launched the iX12 12 channel remote control, which is suitable for aircraft model, aerial photography unmanned aerial vehicles, traversing machines, remote control engineering vehicles and robots.

Using the Intel quad-core processor and android operating system, it becomes the real “smart” RC remote control device. 4 inches high resolution touch screen, in addition to the built-in remote control parameters settings, built in the android system. Players can download an APP and you can even use iX12 for listening to music, sharing photos, file transfer and brush RCFans BBS. This is actually an android smart device that can’t be missed.

Features, including Bluetooth, WIFI and USB connection; You can add the extended range connection module, FPV glasses, adjustable damping and limit of the manipulation of the pole, DSMX ® 2.4 GHz transmission and built-in remote sensing. The resolution 2048,250 model parameter memory, with 6000mAh lithium. Product number SPMR12000.Listed in January 2018.

Tekin launches the T series high-performance steering servo

Tekin launches the T series high-performance steering servo. The unique digital magnetic control technology enables the steering gear to work more accurately and linearly and work at a lower temperature. Dustproof, anti-fouling, and waterproof casing, built-in ABEC5 double bearing and metal gear, to ensure that strong and durable. Tekin T series is a product of torque and speed with high performance steering gear. It is suitable for a variety of models.

Specific models include. T-120 (0.04s/10.1kg-cm) low body speed; T-180 (0.06s/15.3kg-cm) low body torque; T-130 (0.03s/10.7kg-cm) standard 1/10 speed steering gear; T-190 (0.05s/17.4kg-cm) standard 1/10 torsion type steering gear; T-250 (0.07s/22.3kg-cm) standard 1/8 speed steering gear; 1/8 standard torsion type steering gear for t-300 (0.08s/25.5kg- cm); The t-360 (0.09s/29.8kg-cm) climbing steering gear and T440 (0.11s/36.2kg-cm) climbing steering gear.


Viktor Wilck and Nicholas Lee will be at the AARC finals

Arrowmax announces that the finals of the Arrowmax Asia Race Cup will be held in Yatabe Arena, Japan, 13-14 January 2018.

Top drivers Viktor Wilck and Nicholas Lee will attend the finals. Asian league AARC) a series of events in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, etc, and the finals will take place in Japan, a project including 1/10 electric touring car (Modified and Pro Stock 21.5 T group) and F1 Stock 21.5 T.

Tamiya TRF419XR electric touring car

The brand TRF 49xr 1/10 4WD electric rv will be launched by the brandTRF 49xr 1/104wd, which was announced in March by the Tamiya Racing Factory, and the company has published information on the TRF419X WS electric trailer. The biggest difference between the new TRF49XR and 419 is the upgrade of the front and rear wave box and the new twist setting position. The new box seat makes the bearing installation position more accurate. A larger TRF shock absorber was replaced; The battery fixator, 2.25mm floor slab, and more motor fixed holes are all present in TRF49XR new car. TRF is aiming to improve the speed of the curve and improve the steering response. It is expected to be listed before Christmas next month and the product number is 42316.

Yeah Racing waterproof digital climbing car with steering gear

Yeah Racing(YR) launched a waterproof and high-torque digital climb with a steering gear, product model YE- 0024BU. It is standard size, suitable for 1/10 climbing remote-control and off-road vehicle use. There is built-in dual bearing, copper and aluminum mixing gear group, rugged and durable. The torque reaches up to 20kg-cm(6.6V voltage, while the torque output 16.5kg-cm is implemented in 4.8V voltage supply environment), speed 0.18s @4.8V, 0.16s @ 6.6 V, size 40.7 x 20.5 x 39.5 mm, weight 60g. Provide two styles of red and blue heat sink for player selection.