LRP 2018 race stage high voltage lithium electricity

LRP has launched the 2018 remote control car racing class with high voltage lithium LiHV. The new series uses a new Graphene-2 high voltage core, 120C instantaneous /60C continuous high performance output, low voltage power and standard lithium control in 4.2 V. Lighter weight, lower center of gravity, hard shell with 5mm joint. LRP offers a variety of options, including 8000mAh TC (ev) Stock Spec, 6400mAh TC (ev) low-gravity Stock Spec and 6000mAh 112.5mm of short power. There are also 5800mAh Stock Spec short, 4600mAh 25.1mm short current Stock Spec and 4200mAh 2 ultra short power. In the end, it is specially designed to provide 8000mAh 1/12th Ultra LCG 1S pack and 6200mAh 1/ day Ultra LCG Stock Spec for 1/12 electric flat road vehicles (12 zai).

Kyosho Challenger Demon GT2

Kyosho Jingshang will launch a 1/8 RTR Inferno GT2 Race Spec car with the Dodge Challenge SRT Demon car shell in February 2018. The classic American muscle car, is obtained from the original factory of the real car. The original factory is authorized to manufacture the shell.The chassis is the Inferno GT2 Race Spec oil GT frame, which is the mainstream of Jingshang. It is equipped with the KE25 engine, double speed and large capacity shock absorber. RTR products and remote control devices are also included in the product.

FID X-ray MAXX wave box gears

FID RACING launches the Traxxas x-maxx (big X) large – foot vehicle with hard reinforcement of 54T 50T 46T large gear/and wave box gear 51T. Using 45 steel processing, late in the low temperature aging heat treatment, hardness of the HRC48 ° above, mainly to improve wear resistance; The black hair blue treatment on the surface will prevent rust, the original 6S x-maxx tooth number is 54T, the other two can be selected, the gear can match the 6S and the 8S version of big X.