7075. It Air Killer automatic vacuum tool

The 7075 Special Parts company from Italy has launched a fully automatic vacuuming tool, AIR KILLER, which can pump out the hydraulic shock absorber of the remote-controlled vehicle and the extra bubbles in the differential. Compared with traditional tools need cumbersome manually, sealed container with a hand pump, was known as “RC breast pump”, often take part in the game the player/driver can use mostly “RC breast pump”. This innovative product enables the driver/player to free their hands, improve the installation/maintenance of the shock absorber and differential efficiency, and achieve the automatic “pumping air” process. Product no. Ff75-ak110.

2018 IFMAR first drift remote-controlled vehicle world race

From April 20 to 22, 2018, the famous Japanese Yatabe Arena of remote control model car will host the first field IFMAR RC Drift World Cup (Drift) remote control car World, by R.C.D.C. Japan R/C Drift Community Drift remote control car association (Japan), Mr Atsushi Ito and lr Masami Hirosaka (wide look beauty) ahead. The event will have AWD and RWD two groups. The Stage 1 report of the event has been released and is welcome to download (PDF file, at the end of this article).

Climbing Traxxas launch two TRX – 4 new car

During the Spring Festival, Traxxas introduced two new trx-4 crawler products, including the kit version of trx-4 and trx-4 with the Ford Bronco Ranger XLT. Kit version, the first is to let the player/consumers to enjoy the fun of remote control car assembly products with full color assembly instruction, original TQi four-channel remote control, waterproof steering gear, XL – 5 HV electronic transmission and Titan 21 t motor; Kit contains electronics and power equipment? Yes, Traxxas do is, in fact, give full consideration to the consumer demand and the actual structure of TRX – 4 frame, for players to experience the installation process, be familiar with the structure, at the same time make the most suitable electronic accessories into the frame. Including axle gear box, remote control, high or low speed differential and so on all need the player according to the instruction to install, but some key components, such as shock, hanging rod is still before delivery to complete the installation, installation Traxxas factory is more professional. Players/consumers will need to choose their favorite car shell, battery and charger. Product no. 82016-4.

The V4 engine changes to the oil and climbs.

Happy New Year… RC played for so many years, but the restless heart never stopped. Have always loved the oil car, see a few of the 4 cylinder engine new post in the jar, after the thought struggle, still want to do a bit by oneself. Although the manufacturer described it as a development for the overseas engine model enthusiasts, there was no provision for the frame suite. But still want to change a car to try, the heart is very afraid of rotten tail, so choose the Spring Festival several days holiday to do. There is a gold turtle shell in the hand, which is also intended to change the oil car, which is just right, can be done more simulation, change the back of the engine of the golden turtle. For three days, there is a prototype, which is continuously

127 GLR RWD mini remote control car

In December last year, we reported the Hong Kong GL Racing will launch the GLR mini remote control cars, this mini remote control car before the lunar New Year in 2018 officially listed.The 1/27 RWD(rear drive) is designed with low gravity and lightweight design and is easier to maintain and set.

The tail suspension USES the “triangle” structure, and the front suspension USES a combination of carbon fiber and nylon parts. The GLR driven by RWD at the high scratch track will have an advantage. Alloy tail shaft and bead difference; Built-in steering gear protector and all-metal gear steering gear; The Hobbywing(good) electronic transmission that can be set with a programming card is also included in the product. Suitable for installation of all 98mm wide ASC chassis. Product number glr-001-kset.

VBC Racing FF18 FWD electric touring car

VBC Racing launches a new FF18 FWD 1/10 electric trailer, which is the largest feature of the FWD electric house car. Replace the new 7075-t6 lightweight motor seat, which can support larger motor gears, and the gear ratio is greatly expanded. TBBS-P low gravity shock absorber, floating steering gear seat, more easily maintained front wave box, 5mm vertical second floor board and so on appear in this FF18 new car. Product no. D-05-vbc-ck34.

Summit Traxxas 116 4 wd RTR monster truck

The 1/10 Summit of Traxxas, known as big S . came out in 2008, a popular success for the brand. The new 1/16 Summit will be launched in 2018.

Equipped with the same proportion model, the strongest Titan ® 12 t 550 motor, long stroke suspended, GTR shock, all-wheel-drive, adjustable torque limited slip, sealed differential, the simulation of all-terrain tires and whole vehicle waterproof electronic equipment. The Traxxas engineers designed a small, all-weather, all-weather, all-terrain, indoor and outdoor walkway that replicates the essence of the big S to this small “big S”.

The shell is also equipped with LED lights, and it appears that the “burn the midnight” game will catch on. RTR products, TQ 2.4Ghz remote control and 7.2V iD NiMH battery are also included in the product (the Chinese version may not contain the battery, which is subject to the agent’s shipment). Product no. 72054-5.

2018 E – Traxxas Revo electric monster truck

Yesterday we put out a message that the traxxas was on display at the new show in Germany in 2018, and the new 1/10 e-revo bigfoot.

The e-revo of Traxxas has been born for more than 10 years and has undergone minor changes and upgrades. The 2018 version is a real replacement. The new car, which had been named e-revo 2.0, did not use the name, but instead used the name of 2018.

The 2018 version of e-revo is faster, stronger and fiercer! Continue the classic ultra-low gravity frame, including battery installation position, transmission system and suspension system are optimized. E – Revo unique suspension design can let the suspension damping is not subject to change due to adjust car higher parameters, so the E – Revo possess excellent climbing performance.



Team Associated published two electric displacement the preheating

Team Associated(AE) has released the photo of the first new 1/10 2WD electric suv (Buggy). Will the existing B6 model be upgraded to B6.1 or B7? AE has not been officially announced. The photo shows that the front of the car has not changed (maintaining the design of B6), believing that there will be A lot of tail changes, including the new type A arm that will be used in the new car after this year’s Reedy cup event. AE claims that the new car will be easier to set up, smoother performance of the venue, more details, please continue to pay attention to blogs.



Atomic BZ17 + simple floor tile of the runway

It was supposed to be a big car, but most of the winter is windy and cold , and it’s a crime to suffer outside and get a car, and it’s like, you know, to buy a mosquito car and you can do it in the house, but it’s hard to get out of the car at first, and it’s hard to get better, you know, you want to go to a mosquito car, but you don’t have a half of a mosquito car, and you want to get yourself a runway to play.The details of the mosquito car are not too big, like a miniature version of 10 cars, especially the bz17 belt drive, which is more like 10 cars. The other GL racing car is not very love. I heard that bz17 did not have a good performance in the game, but I still choose the one I love.