The cover Protoform F26 equation

Protoform launches the F26 car shell, designed specifically for the 1/10 equation. The front nose USES a special turbulence design to increase the pressure on the front wing, plus the wingtip wing, which allows the airflow to flow more smoothly through the body, reducing the pilot error caused by turbulence. Size: 368mm in length, 146mm in width and 79mm in height. Uncoated, the driver’s helmet is also included in the product. Product no. 15 61-22

3.5 cc Novarossi Mantra off-road vehicle engine

Italy Novarossi launched the Mantra 3.5cc oil mobile suv engine, suitable for 1/8 oil mobile suvs. 4Port tail row, the highest speed can reach 36,500RPM, Turbo disc top, front and rear steel bearing; The optimized crankshaft can improve fuel consumption and throttle linearity. The new design can reduce drag and prolong the life of piston and rod.

RC4WD launch 1/18 Gelande II climbing car

RC4WD launches a new 1/18 Gelande II mini climbing remote-control vehicle, with four different car shells for player selection. The V2 R5 mini transmission system, trapezoidal frame, Cast sales II axle, four connecting rod suspension, 1 inch wheels and tires, metal gear steering gear, and 40 mm simulation shock, 1/10 climbing car configuration of the small machine also has. The two-in-one electric tuning receiver and sr2.2.4 GHz remote control are included in the product, RTR products.

#crossSG4# hd no code room inside and outside the poison light a big wave

On and off, the sporting version of SG4b has been brought out, for a car that can compete in the next game (the domestic simulation of climbing is becoming more and more mature). The price of 2000+ is really exciting, and excellent quality and reasonable price is worthy of the market and accurate positioning. After half a day of testing, I sincerely believe that this is a car without the op (the main serious load of the car) can go down the track.

SG4 since listing, see and the magic in the qq group of friends in the BBS work with fun, reflect the high center of gravity to the car, when I was loading the installation position of the suspension, reduce the vehicle’s centre of gravity is slightly changed, changed GM wheel + dog births, combined with widening to 20 mm, which makes them look than the original vehicle domineering, wheel track widened and increased the stability of the vehicle when climbing. It turns out that the change in these two points gave me a good steady return when I ran. Yesterday saw the official coming out of the territory in the group of pulley bearing upgrade, the upgrade very cow force said, see the official in the mind and the attitude of doing things by heart, to cross the official point of praise!!!!!!

XRS Racing launches the remote metal upgrade handwheel

XRS Racing introduces remote control metal upgrade handwheel, double color thickened sponge with double color anode treatment. It is made of 6061 aluminum, the metal emulation line brake disc and the metal brake caliper + screw combination, the unique appearance modeling enhances the remote control simulation appearance.

Applicable remote control models include FUTABA 3PV, 4PV, 3PL, 4PL, 4PLS, 4PX, 4p xr, 7PX.

SANWA: MT4, MT4S, M11X, M11, M12, M12S; Domestic lotte RC3S, RC4G, RC4GS, RC6GS; The X4 remote control and the TRAXXAS are remote control.

Note: different remote control products are equipped with different handwheel tailings. The plastic handwheel of the original remote control can be removed by the consumers, and the metal handwheel can be installed directly.

Star Wars Story: Victory Of Life

The free truck that had been set up in the last year had to go to the end of November with a double 11, and it was a rush to put the frame on the road before the holiday in early December and not only had a lot of money but a lot of rich screws, which I think was sent to me by the master’s car. After Christmas, the car’s shell has been sprayed up and painted, and it is not until the Spring Festival that it will be finished until the Spring Festival, when it is only after the Spring Festival that the family will have the opportunity to take pictures and short video in the backyard and the street, and to make a small story about the Star Wars.

The production process is enjoyable. Actually late last year a domestic model has many good model, if it weren’t for the liberation of the truck will have a sr4 (because don’t want to increase the small lithium battery at home and don’t think sg series) before playing because got some inside information, oneself also has a unique design, but let’s stop here, the accumulation of a lot of static model also found himself on the model need to continue to improve, and then turn to the static model of learning and make up. In addition, the jkmax of capo is also very good. Although the model friends have mixed reviews, playing the model is actually enjoying the process of making and tossing.