LRP 2018 race stage high voltage lithium electricity

LRP has launched the 2018 remote control car racing class with high voltage lithium LiHV. The new series uses a new Graphene-2 high voltage core, 120C instantaneous /60C continuous high performance output, low voltage power and standard lithium control in 4.2 V. Lighter weight, lower center of gravity, hard shell with 5mm joint. LRP offers a variety of options, including 8000mAh TC (ev) Stock Spec, 6400mAh TC (ev) low-gravity Stock Spec and 6000mAh 112.5mm of short power. There are also 5800mAh Stock Spec short, 4600mAh 25.1mm short current Stock Spec and 4200mAh 2 ultra short power. In the end, it is specially designed to provide 8000mAh 1/12th Ultra LCG 1S pack and 6200mAh 1/ day Ultra LCG Stock Spec for 1/12 electric flat road vehicles (12 zai).

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