Traction Hobby Cragsman 1/8 escalator upgrade

Traction Hobby(China) launched the Cragsman(second) 1/8 climbing brass counterweight block and OP performance piece. The upgrade performance is briefly described below.

  1. The front and rear axle weight blocks are made of brass material CNC machining, and the component design can be adjusted according to the weight before and after the adjustment of the vehicle. The factory standard will be equipped with a single weight of 183g and a single weight of 110g in the rear wheel.
  2. Metal C, metal steering and metal rear wheels are made of aviation grade aluminum alloy CNC and anodized black; Metal C after large dip Angle (32 °) make cars to pose more simulation; The steering seat and the rear wheel seat are equipped with a matching block to install the hole position.
  3. The split type steering arm design, to increase the number of the Ackerman steering arm, collocation is attached to the Ackerman steering linkage, the vehicle turning radius smaller, vehicles can be more smoother cornering, improved extreme terrain adoption.

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