Summit Traxxas 116 4 wd RTR monster truck

The 1/10 Summit of Traxxas, known as big S . came out in 2008, a popular success for the brand. The new 1/16 Summit will be launched in 2018.

Equipped with the same proportion model, the strongest Titan ® 12 t 550 motor, long stroke suspended, GTR shock, all-wheel-drive, adjustable torque limited slip, sealed differential, the simulation of all-terrain tires and whole vehicle waterproof electronic equipment. The Traxxas engineers designed a small, all-weather, all-weather, all-terrain, indoor and outdoor walkway that replicates the essence of the big S to this small “big S”.

The shell is also equipped with LED lights, and it appears that the “burn the midnight” game will catch on. RTR products, TQ 2.4Ghz remote control and 7.2V iD NiMH battery are also included in the product (the Chinese version may not contain the battery, which is subject to the agent’s shipment). Product no. 72054-5.

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