127 GLR RWD mini remote control car

In December last year, we reported the Hong Kong GL Racing will launch the GLR mini remote control cars, this mini remote control car before the lunar New Year in 2018 officially listed.The 1/27 RWD(rear drive) is designed with low gravity and lightweight design and is easier to maintain and set.

The tail suspension USES the “triangle” structure, and the front suspension USES a combination of carbon fiber and nylon parts. The GLR driven by RWD at the high scratch track will have an advantage. Alloy tail shaft and bead difference; Built-in steering gear protector and all-metal gear steering gear; The Hobbywing(good) electronic transmission that can be set with a programming card is also included in the product. Suitable for installation of all 98mm wide ASC chassis. Product number glr-001-kset.

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