Star Wars Story: Victory Of Life

The free truck that had been set up in the last year had to go to the end of November with a double 11, and it was a rush to put the frame on the road before the holiday in early December and not only had a lot of money but a lot of rich screws, which I think was sent to me by the master’s car. After Christmas, the car’s shell has been sprayed up and painted, and it is not until the Spring Festival that it will be finished until the Spring Festival, when it is only after the Spring Festival that the family will have the opportunity to take pictures and short video in the backyard and the street, and to make a small story about the Star Wars.

The production process is enjoyable. Actually late last year a domestic model has many good model, if it weren’t for the liberation of the truck will have a sr4 (because don’t want to increase the small lithium battery at home and don’t think sg series) before playing because got some inside information, oneself also has a unique design, but let’s stop here, the accumulation of a lot of static model also found himself on the model need to continue to improve, and then turn to the static model of learning and make up. In addition, the jkmax of capo is also very good. Although the model friends have mixed reviews, playing the model is actually enjoying the process of making and tossing.

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