XRS Racing launches the remote metal upgrade handwheel

XRS Racing introduces remote control metal upgrade handwheel, double color thickened sponge with double color anode treatment. It is made of 6061 aluminum, the metal emulation line brake disc and the metal brake caliper + screw combination, the unique appearance modeling enhances the remote control simulation appearance.

Applicable remote control models include FUTABA 3PV, 4PV, 3PL, 4PL, 4PLS, 4PX, 4p xr, 7PX.

SANWA: MT4, MT4S, M11X, M11, M12, M12S; Domestic lotte RC3S, RC4G, RC4GS, RC6GS; The X4 remote control and the TRAXXAS are remote control.

Note: different remote control products are equipped with different handwheel tailings. The plastic handwheel of the original remote control can be removed by the consumers, and the metal handwheel can be installed directly.

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