#crossSG4# hd no code room inside and outside the poison light a big wave

On and off, the sporting version of SG4b has been brought out, for a car that can compete in the next game (the domestic simulation of climbing is becoming more and more mature). The price of 2000+ is really exciting, and excellent quality and reasonable price is worthy of the market and accurate positioning. After half a day of testing, I sincerely believe that this is a car without the op (the main serious load of the car) can go down the track.

SG4 since listing, see and the magic in the qq group of friends in the BBS work with fun, reflect the high center of gravity to the car, when I was loading the installation position of the suspension, reduce the vehicle’s centre of gravity is slightly changed, changed GM wheel + dog births, combined with widening to 20 mm, which makes them look than the original vehicle domineering, wheel track widened and increased the stability of the vehicle when climbing. It turns out that the change in these two points gave me a good steady return when I ran. Yesterday saw the official coming out of the territory in the group of pulley bearing upgrade, the upgrade very cow force said, see the official in the mind and the attitude of doing things by heart, to cross the official point of praise!!!!!!

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