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Jordan brand will be in this year for the air jordan 5 launched a new "Space Jam" color. The color will be on the basis of white leather shoes add cement ink details, flame lines at the bottom of the colorful gradient effect appears, quite visual effect. The Jordan Space 5 "Jam Air" color will be officially launched in June 6th, the price: $190. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. Source: zsneakerheadzNike Lunar Force 1 Sky Hi new exposure 2013-12-08 23:55:01 Nike recently exposed the network of new products Lunar Force 1 Sky Hi, appearance and continued the style of Lunar Force 1, but with the Nike Dunk Sky Hi inner increased in different ways, t Retro jordans for sale his Nike Lunar Force 1 Sky Hi directly add thick heel exposed on the outside, the overall effect is similar to the slope with boots. Feminine shoes have carried out comprehensive treatment, the overall shape is more slender, slender straps and buckles in the original place to add a nice strap. A collection of classic shape, slope with effects and Lunar & nbsp; foot feeling comfortable, I believe that the birth would be a highly sought after style. Has not yet announced specific release message, please pay attention to the follow-up reports. rainy preferred New Balance 577 "Rain Mac" 2013-12-08 22:53:05 exposure recently exposed a New Balance 577 "Rain Mac" series on the network, if you do not know the name of the shoe shoe, Judging from the appearance you must think this shoe uses a patent leather material. In actual fact, this 577 "Rain Mac" cheap jordans for sale material fact is the use of new materials having waterproof properties, the texture still have suede feel. Coupled with dazzling fluorescent color embellishment, this shoe is definitely the preferred rainy night travel. It is reported that this series will be on sale in the second half of 2013, the friends you want early adopters need to be patient. popular models can be so wonderful New Balance M565 2013-12-08 22:57:43 New Balance is really this year launched a number of popular models, but the brand continued to hit and this is inevitable. This time the New Balance also for everyone to bring a pair of popular model M565, this work was born in the early 1980s and now has become now into retro fashion jogging extra tune, compared to 574,576 and other big names have a reputation Top 5 series models noise, this 565 shoes more slender, is introducing two cheap foamposites versions of gray and black, gray version is not very attractive? Adidas Chinese New Year of the Snake Post 2013-12-08 22:56:14 Rose 3.5 Chinese Year of the Snake do note the world's leading sports brand Adidas has changed in the past year, the traditional red, fit the 2013 Year of the Snake aqueous phase, with turquoise blue color, and lined with golden heel TPU, with ubiquitous detail embodies this Limited Edition Rose 3.5 Snake Do not Bet the ultimate luxury. This limited edition Rose 3.5 Snake Do note compared to the normal version, in the design of the toe shape of snake scales used Obscure, the perfect combination of "Snake" The Chinese element, but also with stronger visual impact to the consumer experience. SPRINT FRAME heel is also coated with a layer of golden luster, in care of the stadium lights, gleaming and shining with dazzling go cheap jordan shoes for men lden light. In addition, this Year of the Snake Adidas also do not note the intricate detail, the inner tongue Ross LOGO very occasional outside with a Bagua map, it embodies the Chinese culture yin and yang harmony Road, LOGO outer ring there Surrounded by a snake, the Snake embellished this theme. The fusion of Adidas basketball shoes, the most cutting-edge technology and unique shape design Rose3.5 limited edition Year of the Snake boots are the best choice for the pursuit of speed and balance the power of basketball fans, more fans to provide the Jedi Best collection opportunities. Has Rose3.5 boots, strong enough to make you burst into a spiral of energy, sharp attack, conquer the audience! Howard Light New Year special section With the NBA schedule intensified, Dwight & middot; Howard's performance in the field is also getting better. Thi Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s time Adidas Howard in the new year to build a new lightweight Howard Light New Year's special section, so Zijin King can move forward with ease, leading the Lakers to the playoffs. This double New Year special section of Howard Light boots using the traditional Chinese red as the main colors, and with black gold highlights with a remarkable sense of luxury. The whole double uppers are covered with embossed snake scales, reflecting the theme of the Snake. It is worth mentioning that the shoe body three bars also cleverly integrated into the design of moire in the upper support to provide the best, but also the Chinese element embodied in the head. On the tongue, we are familiar with the personal and exclusive Howard LOGO, the inside of the tongue are also embroidered with his signature, show the importance of the Adidas NBA's first center. The Retro jordans for sale fusion of Adidas basketball shoes, the most cutting-edge technology and the convergence of Chinese elements New Year special section Howard Light boots, is the pursuit of power and fashion basketball fans the best choice. Howard Light boots to wear, let you travel light, together with Howard to dominate the basket! in Chinese joined the World Trade Organization for fifth years, Guangdong's total foreign trade volume is expected to exceed $500 billion mark, is two times more than in 2001; Guangdong was involved in the trade friction of enterprises responding rate also increased from 44% in 2001 to 90%, Europe and North America cases the respondent rate reached 100%. , director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation, Liang Yaowen, released the data, said, recalling the entry into the world five years of experien cheap jordans for sale mens ce, it can be said that the major foreign trade province of Guangdong to achieve a smooth transition. at the end of October the Ministry of Commerce statistics show that the first three quarters of this year, a total of 23 countries and regions of China anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures and special safeguard investigation since 70, the number of cases over the same period of the. Among them, the large size of the Sino US European and central European textiles dispute just now dispersed and the European Union's shoes anti-dumping situation still in stalemate, the scope of the spread is unprecedented. Whether shoes or textile trade friction, Guangdong enterprises have suffered. According to the Guangdong Provincial Department of statistics, as of July this year, the province's exports in five years suffered a total of 17 countries a Cheap air jordan 12 ovo nd regions initiated 90 trade friction cases, only the first half of this year suffered various types of trade friction case 16. in the frequent friction and collision, China's trade sector losses are not small, but also a lot of harvest. in the past five years, China has introduced regulations concerning 24 aspects, such as anti-dumping, countervailing measures, safeguard measures and trade barrier investigations, which have formed a relatively complete legal framework. At the same time, China launched anti-dumping investigations 110 onwards, 1 security measures, involving about 9000000000 U. S. dollars, and effectively protect the industry security, welcomed by the industry. Compared to the anti-dumping and other trade friction, hundreds of and absolutely ignorant of panic before entering the WTO, domestic enterprises more and more familiar wi Cheap air jordans for sale th and use WTO rules, actively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Liang Yaowen said, Guangdong enterprises are involved in the filed 8 anti-dumping litigation request, because reasonable enterprises, of which 5 have affirmative determination. shoes are a case in point. This year, the EU footwear products anti-dumping case, footwear enterprises in Guangdong and Zhejiang not only formed a spontaneous response to the league in Europe, and timely defense, joint European retailers and consumer organizations to jointly counter. WTO of Guangdong province center director Chen Qiuyan said, this year the WTO "trade policy review" program, Guangdong has nearly 50 enterprises, 20 industry associations and 6 related departments collect main trade trade barriers materials from anti-dumping, intellectual property, inspection and Quarantine of the Un cheap jordans online ited States market is put forward 17 problems requiring consideration. for the American market, "the" wrong "to show the join)In April 8th, Cheng Siwei, a famous economist, put forward five prospects for the development of cross-strait economic and trade relations on the 2008 Straits Economic and trade forum held during the Xiamen Taiwan fair. First, the trade structure will be gradually optimized. Mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products account for more and more of the total import and export volume of the two sides, and will also be further improved in terms of product quality and performance. Two, the level of investment will continue to improve. In the future, the focus of the introduction of Taiwan is the traditional industry of biology, information, environmental protection and other high-tech industries and high technology content, and information industry, logistics industry, consulting industry, industry management, exhibition industry and modern service industry, will provide more opportunities for taiwan. At the same time, China's foreign investment has been booming in recent years. As long as the Taiwan authorities implement an open policy on investment in the mainland, Taiwan is entirely likely to become an important area for mainland China's foreign investment. Three, financial cooperation will gradually increase. Taiwan modern financial industry started earlier, is worth learning, the financial sector in the securities and futures, financial derivatives, banking, insurance and other aspects of some experience, the financial sector is also exploring how to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with counterparts in Taiwan. According to Taiwan's banking sector, it is only a policy for mainland visitors to exchange Renminbi business at Taiwan. The potential business opportunities are between NT $6 billion and NT $20 billion per year. Four, the scale of tourism will expand rapidly. In 2007, the number of Taiwan compatriots traveling to the mainland reached 4 million 627 thousand and 900, but mainland residents visited Taiwan only 230 thousand. It is reported that Taiwan now has the capacity to receive 3000 mainland visitors a day and is likely to rise to ten thousand in a relatively short period of time. Since many mainland compatriots are eager to visit the island of the motherland, as long as the Taiwan authorities change their policies and allow direct navigation, the scale of cross-strait tourism will certainly expand rapidly. Five, talent exchanges will become increasingly frequent. With the development of cross-strait relations, irrational barriers to entry, education and inauguration will be gradually eliminated, providing a wide scope for professionals on both sides of the straits. (Editor: admin)waited more than three months, PURE PLATINUM finally come back tomorrow (actually tonight) share a ~ ~ pumping shoes step 1. 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